For Mom & Dad:  Sin breaks our relationship with God.  God is a holy God, there is no sin in Him.  Our sin separates us from God and condemns us before God.  While we are still sinners (having done nothing to earn God’s favor) God extends a free gift (a grace gift that is unmerited and unearned).  That gift that God graciously offers is eternal life that can be experienced through Jesus Christ (and through Him alone).  Our sin is not overlooked.  Instead, Jesus has taken the punishment for our sins if we will place our faith in Him and receive the gift that God gives.

Read Together:  Ephesians 2:8-10; Romans 6:23b

Big Idea for Kids:  Sin breaks our friendship with God, but God still loves us.  God gives us a gift through Jesus Christ.  We do not deserve this gift—God gives it because he loves us! The gift God gives is a fixed friendship with God.  We can experience that gift through Jesus Christ.

Learning Question: Have you ever received a gift from someone?  Why did they give you that gift? What gift has God given you?

Activity Link:

“To Do” Today:  Give your child a gift that is completely unexpected and special—cook a special meal or take them to a special restaurant or activity. Make a special point to let them know that you are doing this for them because you love them—not because they have earned it!  Use this as an opportunity to remind them of the unmerited grace of God for us.

Pray Together: Thank God for loving us and lavishing His grace on us. Help your child understand that they have done nothing to deserve God’s grace—God simply chooses to show His love to us.  Help your child express thankfulness in light of God’s love and our sinfulness.

State Missionary Jerrod Brown serves Alabama Baptists as a Baptist Campus Minister at the University of South Alabama. He may be contacted at jbrown@alsbom.org

Editor’s note:
December 13 through December 24 we will post a daily guide that you can use with your family to help reclaim the Christmas season.

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